Who We Are

Founded in 2013, Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. is one of the nation’s leading providers of Technology and Workforce Solutions. We serve companies across the nation. We have been providing innovative solutions and quality temporary labor across different industries for the past 5 years. Our success can be attributed to our honest and flexible approach, as well as a client-oriented philosophy, where we always make it right. We have a thriving culture, born from employees that bring creativity, integrity, innovation and a high level of energy to the job each day. We know that these attributes are important in a service company and that our clients benefit immensely from our culture. We humbly acknowledge that this way of doing business has helped us enjoy much national recognition for growth and achievement in our field. We continuously innovate around people, processes, and technology to bring state-of-the-art staffing capability to our customers. Our efficient recruiting model staffed with experienced recruiters and support members provide us with excellent capabilities in locating qualified workers that are difficult to find. Our proven ability to recruit talent across different geographic markets gives us an edge against many of our local only competitors from the standpoint of attracting talent from other geographic markets. Our benefits and compensation plans are also designed to promote retention within our employee base; consultants have an additional incentive to stay with Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc.

Why work with Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc.?

  • Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. benefit to its customer is low operational overheads with 24×7 operations resulting in increased cost savings to clients.
  • Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. is a debt-free and financially stable firm. We have ample cash and unused lines of credit in place to execute the Staffing requirements of the client.
  • We are strategically positioned to easily accommodate all of our customers. We have experience providing services to commercial agencies who are further serving government agencies through our resources.
  • We help our clients meet the challenges faced as a result of legislative changes, constituent demands, technology advancements, and economic trends.
  • We are familiar with current issues, landscapes, and trades-offs and have a wealth of experience in finding creative and customized solutions.
  • Augment your bench to effectively service your clients.
  • Build higher margin business by expanding your services portfolio to include Staffing services.
  • Controls costs — payrolling options for controlling healthcare costs, payroll expenses, and certification fees.