IT Managed Services

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. needs to ascertain that critical IT systems are always available to support core business systematic functions. Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. will support our clients with various IT Managed Services that allow them to focus resources on business strategic functions. Through our IT Performance Management (ITPM) services, we help clients manage business Information Technology with a proactive and cost-effective approach that results in the reduced network and computer downtime, increased employee productivity gains, predictable IT costs, and a single point of contact for all IT needs.

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. IT Managed Services team is committed to providing continual IT managed support to your outsourced technology requirements. From potential cost savings through lower operating expenses to assure you understand every option, our goal is to become an extension of your team and ascertain your systems run smoothly.

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. has been serving for IT Managed Services area for more than 5 years, and our team has years of experience and valuable knowledge in industry-leading IT technologies. We managed IT, such as virtual IT help desk, are here to help your business be even better and more fruitful by helping you accomplish your IT goals while assisting you with IT proficiency and computer literacy.

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. IT Managed Services will ensure regular management of the systems and networks including Desktop, Laptop, servers, and networks up and running, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. We will build the right managed IT Support services plan to optimize your business.

For any company, undermining the importance of recruiting skilled IT staff is simply unimaginable. In today’s scenario, IT forms the backbone of an Organization’s existence, and having the right set of people is essential for a seamless experience. However, finding suitable and reliable employees with the required IT skills can be quite challenging.

What we offer

Our IT recruitment services can be segregated into three main categories – Workforce Solutions, Managed Services, and Project Solutions. Each of these covers a wide range of services/ solutions about IT Staffing.

Workforce Solutions

As a leading IT solution provider, we offer Workforce Solutions services and ensure that it is tailor-made to let you cope with fluctuating factors like cost, risk, time, control and expertise, etc. Our IT workforce solutions packages are made to keep your business agile and help you stay ahead of the competition.

  •  IT Staff Augmentation:- Sometimes, organizations may need more skilled IT staffing in departments like networking, IT security, and accounting. Instead of relying on local IT staffing agencies, you need to explore global IT staffing companies that can provide you with global best practices. We can offer skilled, reliable IT staff for any business needs, for interim and long term basis.
  •  Permanent Recruitment:- Organizations may require highly specialized niche technically skilled IT Personnel on its roll. What we do differently is maintained a pool of such profiles having combination skills and tap into this pool whenever the need arises. With this pool, as a top IT solution provider, we can supply skilled and apt candidates for permanent IT recruitment needs.
  •  Hire-Train-Deploy:- To execute certain IT projects in an organization, there may need to deploy people who are well versed in that project and are comfortable in the work environment from day 1. Hire-Train-Deploy offers just that.
  •  Campus Hiring Solutions:- Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. has a trained workforce for campus hiring. Enlisted in the top colleges in the country, we have access to a database of all graduating fresher’s from these colleges and arrange campus hiring in all tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Whether it is for an internship or long term IT needs, we offer the best candidates.
  •  Executive Hiring:- To ensure all IT-related processes run smoothly in the company, hiring the best coding experts and database administrators will not be enough! Clients will need a handful of employees with a robust background in management and expertise in IT team handling. That is where our Executive Hiring package fits in.
  •  Network, Security & Storage Management:-
  •   Data Centre Services:-
  •   Application Management & Maintenance:-
  •   Project Solutions:- To ensure proper execution of your company’s IT projects, organizations need candidates with the required skills and capability to accomplish tasks within the timeline. With the typical IT recruitment agencies, it is hard to get candidates who fulfill both parameters! At Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc., we offer tailor-made Project solutions so that specific IT recruitment needs are met. We have expertise in IT outsourcing services covering Design Services, System Implementation, and Application Development Management. We are capable of offering scalable and cost-effective IT solutions to match your company’s needs.