IT Staffing Services

Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. understands that even the most stable and patched IT systems can develop issues at any time that needs IT support. If any section of your organization’s IT systems develops an issue, we will know about it immediately, often before you know anything. We will remotely access your organization’s systems and initiate remote IT services support to address any issues raised. If the IT system issue needs to be addressed onsite, we will offer emergency onsite response support.

As new IT technologies evolve, new IT-related problems and various vulnerabilities will be raised. By partnering with Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. to receive IT Managed Services, your organization can reduce its option of experiencing one of these high risks and rest easy knowing it’s in the right hands in the event turns into high-risk threats. Here is what Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. will offer:

  • Data Backup & Disaster Recovery:- In the incident of a natural disaster/data breach, we understand that our client could face various legal ramifications if our client loses access to critical data. However, with the right data backup & disaster recovery services, the client can protect the company from losing access to important documents and other forms of critical data. We offer several different backup methods to restore the important data of the client after any disaster or cyberattack occurs.
  • Hosting :- Our IT professional working in a server room to support hosting services. We understand that web users generally allow up to 2 seconds for a website to completely load before moving onto another website to find the services they need, it is essential for your organization to maintain a fast loaded website that can handle a large volume of website traffic. We have extensive
  • IT Assessments :- We understand that as any business begins to implement new hardware and software into their IT infrastructure, various risks may arise, that are not been noticed. Therefore, we will provide reliable IT assessment services to ascertain organizations have complete visibility over their network situations and can identify risks before they become worse. We assures continuous improvements, ascertaining your infrastructure is always strong, secure, reliable, and easy to navigate.
  • IT Help Desk:- We understand that an organization can face various IT-related problems, IT problems raised can lead to disruption, especially if your employees spend their time attempting to fix issues that are beyond their control. At Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc., we take pride to offer IT help desk services to help organizations prevent and mitigate issues that occur within their IT infrastructure. Our IT professionals are available 24/7/365 and are always a phone call, email, or chat away from lending support.
  • IT Security:- Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. offers IT security services to organizations so they can increase the protection of their systems and software while reducing the chance of a data breach or other IT security-related incident. Our specialists will ascertain that potential risks and vulnerabilities are taken care of before they become a big problem, and will devote all of our attention toward mitigating an incident in the event something happens.
  • Network Installation & Integration:- If your network is not installed correctly, its functionality and stability may lead to significant IT-related issues or systems will lead to a crash. Our experts have extensive experience with network installation and integration to connect networks with current or new systems and software. Our Experts will work to ascertain your organization’s network will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible to put your employees at peace of mind knowing their network devices are running properly.

Top 5 Reasons to use Advanced Analytical Solutions, Inc. managed IT Services

  • We will increase and improve productivity resulting from staff not managing technology vendors,
  • We will improve operational efficiency by 30-50 percent, leveraging AI and automation for cloud, IT applications, and infrastructure operations.
  • We will reduce customer complaints by 30 percent by automating business processes related to the customer, order, and billing management.
  • We will enable client enterprise services monetization by enhancing time to market (TTM) by 40 percent.
  • We will leverage cloud-native and state-of-the-art API architecture for 30 percent faster time to market.
  • We will increase and improve productivity resulting from staff not performing IT support functions,
  • We will increase and improve productivity resulting from staff not managing technology vendors,
  •  We will help in reducing IT support costs.
  • With our IT Managed services you will gain in gross revenue due to minimized network downtime, and